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Why Are Amazing Flags So Amazing?

Full Color Custom Printing & Solid Color Patterns Available

Our legendary Amazing Flags are what put us on the map.  We can custom print these flags in an unlimited number of vibrant colors, to include your logo, message and whatever design element you wish add.  We can also make these with a selection of solid color nylon panels in a variety of patterns to compliment your color scheme or to simply capture attention.  Or, we can blend these two options by sewing solid color panels to custom printed sections (i.e. our Burger King Amazing Flags).

In Outdoor Advertising, Bigger is Better!

In shear size alone, our Amazing Flags dwarf the competition. What do you believe will capture more attention? A small 3x5 flag connected to an 8 ft aluminum pole? What about a 3x5 Red, White & Blue message flag with Black lettering found at your typical used car lot? Frankly, these "outdated" flag designs look like everybody else's and simply blend in to their surroundings - providing very little lasting impact. Further, let’s face it…They look cheap and often show excessive wear and tear within weeks. Or, you can choose to get noticed with a set of High Impact Flags that truly stand out from all others and delivers real and measurable high impact results. A vibrant colored, Amazing Flag from High Impact Advertising stands 21 feet from the surface and dances with the wind in a way that demands your attention. The answer is obvious and that is why our rapidly growing list of customers from around the country relies on High Impact Advertising to increase brand visibility and boost sales for their organizations.

More Cost Effective Than TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, etc.
Calculate the cost of buying a set of radio spots. Look at how much a TV ad costs in your market. What about a billboard? Don't forget about Newspaper ads, magazine ads and even internet advertising. Our 21 foot tall advertising flags not only cost a fraction of all these other options, but they last a lot longer too. A TV or Radio spot is over in 60 seconds or less. Newspaper and Magazine ads last anywhere from a day to 30 days max. Internet ads are brief and sporadic at best. Our High Impact advertising flags fly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for many months at a time - always working to capture the attention of potential customers driving near your locations. You will simply get more performance and results from the dollars spent on our advertising flags than on any other form of advertising. Our customers already know this and it explains why they keep coming back for more.

Superior Construction of High Impact Flags and Flag Poles
The last thing we want to do is spend all day on the phone talking with customers who are frustrated with broken or collapsed poles, ground sleeves that won’t properly anchor the flag kit and flags that are torn to shreds within weeks. We leave these types of daily frustrations to our competitors. In contrast, our customers enjoy flag poles that don’t break or collapse under intense wind pressure. They never have problems with our ground sleeves and our flags far outlast anything they’ve tried in the past. They are about as headache free as you can get. Install them and walk away with confidence that you won’t have to spend your valuable time baby-sitting flag kits every day or whenever a storm approaches. You can get on with your busy schedule, focusing your time on selling your own goods and services and taking care of your own customers, instead of wasting time dealing with poorly designed, lower quality flag kits.