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21' High Impact Telescopic Fiberglass Flagpole

Telescopes from 48 inches to 21 feet tall.  No minimum quantity.  Bulk purchases ship with 10 poles per box.

Simply put, we manufacture the best telescopic fiberglass flag pole you can buy. Over 10 years were spent in research and design, in addition to rigorous field testing, in order to engineer and produce this industry leading product. Our heavy duty, incredibly strong flag pole, has the perfect balance of flex and strength. When compared side by side with any other fiberglass flag pole, you will immediately see and feel a significant difference in quality, weight and strength. We are so confident in their construction, we offer each of these High Impact Flag Poles with a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE.

How does it compare to other fiberglass poles on the market? Let's start with the size difference when fully collapsed. Other telescopic flagpoles are up to 8ft long, fully collapsed, making them more cumbersome to ship and relocate. In comparison, our High Impact poles are only 45 inches when fully collapsed, making them a lot easier to ship, handle and relocate. A common problem experienced with other poles occurs when a telescoped section prematurely collapses. Each section on our High Impact Flag Pole is locked into position with a stainless steel half inch screw that completely prevents sections from collapsing while in use.

And many other fiberglass poles have noticeably thinner wall construction, inherently weaker and more easily broken in high wind situations. We employ proprietary ultra-dense fiberglass engineering into our High Impact Flag Poles, resulting in a flag pole that is significantly stronger than other poles on the market. Again, side by side, you will immediately see and feel a difference in quality and construction.

Installing our High Impact Amazing Flag Kits is so fast and easy. You won’t need to dig any holes or pour concrete. The entire installation only takes about 5 minutes per kit and can be performed by anyone. Taking them down and collapsing the flag kits for transporting to another location or for storage is just as easy. Each Flag Kit ships with detailed Installation Instructions and free phone support if you need live assistance.

Note: To install this flagpole, you will need either our 5ft tall Steel Flagpole Anchor or 4ft tall Steel Flagpole Ground Rod with PVC set.  One of these flagpole anchor options is included in complete flag kits or can be purchased separately.  

Click Here to view our Installation Instructions (for our standard Amazing Flags with pole sleeves that are open at the top)

Click Here to view our Installation Instructions (for flags with pole sleeves that are closed at the top)

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