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White Telescopic Fiberglass Flagpole (15ft & 21ft)

This white telescopic fiberglass flagpole comes with a 24" ground sleeve and easy to follow instructions.  This pole comes in a 15ft and 21ft version, each one swaying in the breeze to produce dramatic, attention-getting displays. Butt Diameter is 1 1/4", Top Diameter is 3/4" and the sections adjust with twist sure-lock fittings.  A simple twist-lock method is used to raise/lower the poles. This pole works best with flags that have a pole sleeve closed at the top, but a grommeted flag can be attached with self-locking tie straps (not included).

Note Special Shipping Cost: These poles collapse to a minimum of 8ft and require Oversized Handling of an additional $12.95. This will be added to the Standard UPS Shipping rate determined by the value of the order.

Collections: Flag Poles

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